2013 Mercedes-Benz C180 review

Published May 7, 2013 | By Mercedes Sale Admin

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Review by:  Tim Marsh

Want a taste of luxury with your next car? That’s what the base C180 specification of the upscale Mercedes-Benz C-Class is all about. The C180 model is quite popular among Australians, and that’s because it represents a value-loaded way to break into a classier layer of vehicles.

The coupe offers superior comfort, performance and, above all, efficiency. For our 2013 Mercedes Benz C180 review, let’s take a look at how the latest version builds on each of these traits.

The Lineup

The Benz marque sells more than any other luxury auto maker in Australia, and the C-Class is a particularly popular segment among Aussies. Today, the C180 is Mercedes’ entry-level Coupé, though it was first introduced in the first C generation back in the early ’90s as a saloon. Today’s Mercedes C180 carries on the tradition of efficiency and performance in a well-designed luxury auto for your motoring needs.

2013 Mercedes Benz C180 Sydney for sale

2013 Mercedes Benz C180 Image: m2013.blogspot.com


According to Mercedes, engineers developed the car’s petrol units with “increased output yet reduced consumption” as their chief performance objective. That’s what the BlueEFFICIENCY concept is all about. You’ll appreciate a unit that can deliver petrol efficiency as well as power.

Under the bonnet lies an inline, direct injection four-stroke with nearly 2,000cc of displacement. It achieves an output of 115kW and 250Nm of torque. Bolted to the gentle “7G-TRONIC PLUS” transmission, the little turbo will transport you from one destination to another with minimal disturbance and maximum efficiency.

2013 C180 for sale

2013 C180 Mercedes-Benz Image: www.zcoches.com

On the Road

The Mercedes-Benz C180 rear-wheel-drive, exceptional braking and a refined, noise-free cabin. Its rigid bodywork and twin balancer shafts makes the ride vibration-free even on Australia’s unsealed roads. This kind of handling is what you would expect from a well-tailored automobile.


It seems the color of efficiency is blue. Today’s Mercedes-Benz C180 carries on the tradition of engine optimization in the form of its BlueEFFICIENCY technology. The coupe also sports piezo injectors, variable timing and auxiliary systems like power steering for improved fuel economy. All of this makes a difference in the vehicle’s total petrol consumption.

The new coupe’s lighter-weight engine enables it to meet the most stringent energy consumption and emission standards at the Euro 5 level. The 2013 model-year achieves a consumption rate of 6.3 l/100km in the combined city/highway cycle.

Mercedes-benz c180 price

Mercedes C180 rear view Image: www.sempretops.com


The 2013 Mercedes-Benz C180 features generous standard amenities, including an impressive boot capacity of 450 litres, man-made ARTICO leather on the inside, and 17-inch, ten-spoke alloy wheels on the outside. An available ECO instrument cluster, for its part, provides Australians with the feedback necessary to save juice as they move along.


In the Mercedes C180, you’ll be able to avoid an accident without much effort, given advanced on board safety features and a five-star ANCAP Safety Rating. The luxury coupe is very well stocked for an entry-level car. It’s packed with innovative driver assistance technologies and unique safety features, as well as an available digital system for safer navigation. It can even calculate your most economical route and intelligently analyse traffic data for “dynamic congestion avoidance.”

Additional exclusive safety technology includes an active bonnet and dynamic brakes; brake assist; an electronic immobiliser for tricky situations; and a comprehensive suite of safety bags. The car will also let you know if the tyres need pressure, if the brake pads need to be replaced, and if passengers need to buckle up.

Mercedez Benz C180 2013 review

2013 Mercedez Benz C180 front view Image: carsireland.ie


Of course, in a luxury car, deluxe details and a well-executed cabin are a given. This car meets the standard, boasting a lounge-like interior with two doors and seating for four passengers. It has a multifunction steering wheel and an adjustable steering column for maximum comfort.

A gadget-lover’s dream, it features a state-of-the-art AUDIO 20 colour-display entertainment system and an optional panoramic sunroof. The six-speaker stereo features MP3, WMA and ACC compatibility, six-CD player, Bluetooth capabilities, streaming radio—even a telephone keypad.

Mercedes Benz C180 interior

Mercedes Benz C180 interior

Value for the Money and the Competition

The Mercedes-Benz C180 price begins at just under $60k. That’s over $7k cheaper than its BMW 3 Series coupe counterpart. It’s also about $10k less expensive than the A5 coupe by Audi. Given the lower Mercedes-Benz C180 price, it’s easy to see this car offers incredible luxury-level value for its segment. The only thing you’ll dislike is having to get out when you arrive at your destination.

Manufacturer price: 2013 Mercedes-Benz C180 BlueEFFICIENCY C204: $59,900

The Verdict

The new Benz coupe is a luxurious, well-rounded choice of transportation. It has a small appetite for petrol consumption, but that hasn’t impeded its sporty performance. With a generous set of amenities and crash hot additonal options, it’s a clear winner for Australians looking to move up when it comes to design and comfort, not to mention reliability. Use this 2013 Mercedes Benz C180 review to judge the new coupe on your own terms; it may be the perfect one for you.

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